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I open my mind and the reading hit right on point. I love the free readings too! It helps me tru my journey in life gives me advice n a scence of what ii should do next" - Jessica C , California, USA, on October 20th, I have found the readings to be very informative, enjoyable and accurate.

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Thank you very much!! The readings are amazing and fun! Never miss it. The card description is right on! They are accurate, awesome and also free. Make sure you check them out now to get a free reading.

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You guys are wonderful! Thank you for offering so much insight! It is not like the other pages, you can feel it is done with interest and love. It also has incredibly detailed and accurate free readings that provide you with easy to understand answers I get new options to do free readings every week! It gives me so much insight into myself and I send the links to all of my friends!

They leads me to my heart when I need guidance and give honest answers when reality could be harsh. However it is sometimes a bit difficult to understand. I enjoy very much the personal horoscope for each sign as well. Ver accurate always! Thank you Margret! Both insightful and fun! My eyes have been truly opened. Keep up the good work!

They give so much information and are very detailed in their writing. I was amazed at how accurate it was. Best of all Trusted Tarot is free to use. I can tell you how much I enjoy this site. Seems accurate enough to me! I love and trust trusted tarot! I have my own set of Tarot cards and the readings from this site tends to confirm what my cards tell me. Please keep this site going. I trust the readings and like to learn about planet influences on my sign. Wish you the best.

Tarot for me is about increasing awareness, and the cross spread on trusted tarot encourages me to see beyond the obvious with insightful explanations of the cards. Margaret Wells is amazing I will never look anywhere else for my readings. I have told several of my friends about her site, and will continue to do so. Thank you Margaret for changing my life in the most positive way! Actually it is like a weapon with you, that saved you before someone attacks with his thought or any action, you always aware of that because of Tarot reading" - Narendra G , Maharashtra, India, on October 26th, But, I am amazed at the results of the free tarot readings.

Ive been enjoying your website and look forward to many tarot readings in my life ahead.. Very caring as well, took her time to explain everything!! Had a good experience and results.

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I reccomend it. I use it lAlot.

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Very nice to read what the cards have to say. Very detailed. Thx for all your help. I love this website and now all my friends love it too!

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I enjoy all of the great readings, that are inisghtful and accurate: " - Maryann P , Ontario, Canada, on October 28th, I have found the readings to be insightful and revealing. The accompanying guides have been very helpful and clear. The overall experience is wonderful and highly recommended!!

I cant believe the accuracy of each reading! The readings are so accurate and amazing legit its unbelieveable. I highly recommend this site. Most websites that do psychic readings are very generic and unrealistic , but Trusted Tarot is very accurate and I love the results as well as the weekly emails. It surprises me every time and the readings come at the right time too! Margaret keep doing what you do!

Thank You!! Everything seemed to resonate with what i am feeling and have been going through or what may come to pass. It has given me insight and clarity into certain things that i have neglected to notice. Thank you!!

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They really make me have a different perspective about what I want, and really answers my questions. I cannot believe how accurate it is, and I rely on it whenever I feel troubled about an event in my life--particularly my love life. Thank you for this great site!

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I observed the Trusted Tarot is very specific in comparision to the other all. Through reading Trusted Tarot for months, I realized it has got a strong divine support to be accurate in revealing the general truths about the reader. Besides, it is very helpful by its precisely portending sentences which makes the reader to be precautionary and to give proper decision about the events surrounded by. It is my great satisfaction that I regularly read Trusted Tarot and I will certainly stay reading Trusted Tarot in future, too.

It was very enlightening. I have used the guidance to make better decisions about the things happening in my life. Very accurate. Friendly service. I liked that guide for the wish to come thrue- it really worked" - Natalya O , Ontario, Canada, on October 31st, Things said hit right on the mark!! Will keep coming back. My horoscope is always spot on, and my tarot card readings are always very helpful and fun!

It gives me messages and gives me a different perspective on things!

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It was very detailed and they looked nice! I love reading my horoscope for Sagittarius and the new feature, daily tarot cards.

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Best readings online. Rebecca H. I always look forward to my emails every day to see what Trusted Tarot has to say! I spread my cards every single morning and it works.