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Thus many of his machines turn destructive. They do so because they are produced and put to use by a society that chooses to be forceful, rather than purposeful; that, by seeking above all to control the automatic operation of forces, has come to consider human be ings merely as products of such an automatic operation of mean ingless and purposeless forces of nature. To be force-full is not to be purpose-full. Modern society demonstrates in the main a negative type of consciousness, because any conscious ness without a universal frame of reference within which action can be seen in its timeliness, spatial accuracy and fitness to cyclic purpose is a negative type of consciousness.

It is con sciousness devoid of creative significance and therefore spiritu ally empty, however great the intellectual and engineering ca pacities sternrning from i t. The symbol is the key to the adjustment be- tween the individual act, problem or situation and a universal frame of referencerelative as this universality may be.

In this present study, which is derived from a symbolization of the degrees of the zodiacal cycle, the constantly changing annual relationship of the Earth to its basic source of energy, the Sun, provides us with the basic frame of reference. It is a frame of reference for the release of energy within the total field of activity of the Earth-as-a-whole, and more particularly the bio sphere.

The adjustment to such a year-long release of solar en ergy can take place on the basis of either the "purposeful use of power" or the "automatic operation of forces"depending upon the positive or negative character of the consciousness confronted with the need for adjustment In most cases, obviously the adjustment will be made by the individual person without any deliberate reference to symbol ism.


Yet, in actual fact, a. In any case, the present behavior will be conditioned by the mental-emotional memories of the individual or his race and familysuch memo ries having crystallized into an "image" or symbol.

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The ability to do this is latent in every human being, but it needs to be trained and developed, and the deeper purpose of the series of sym bols is to stimulate it by actual and consistent use. What is at stake here is the development of the power to relate every particular activity to a universal meaning and every individ ual consciousness to its spiritual source in the universal Mind. This source is fundamentally to be understood as the moment in cyclic Time, the place in spheroidal Space, and the pur- pose in the Harmony of the Whole or "God" that the indi vidual occupies and fulfills.

If this power of symbolic relatedness between the acts of the individual self and the rhythm of the universal Whole is used positively, every situation of the individual's life becomes an opportunity for growth and for the creative expression of the Spirit within man.

If it is used negatively, thenas Marc Jones writes in the Introduction to "Symbolical Astrology""all things are engaged in what to him is a very real conspiracy against him; while his satisfactions are elements of destruction, transformed by his own symbolizing of them in desirable fac tors. Partly because I feel that such either-or polarized interpretations can be quite confusing at the psychological level, and partly because I have been trying here to go beyond a strict relationship between this set of symbols and the zodiac so that they can be referred to any basic cycle of actualization of new potentialities of existence and human unfoldment, I have omitted such clear-cut positive-negative characteriza tions.

An Astrological Mandala by Dane Rudhyar

I find some of Marc Jones's interpretations very signifi cant, others much less so or hardly even justifiable; and they are completely different in two versions that have been made pub lic. As I see it, the interpretation of the symbols should be based on two sets of factors: 1 An objective analysis of the most signifi cant features in the symbolic image, and 2 the relationship of the symbol to other symbols within the framework of the entire cyclic process.

We find the same situation as we deal with any cyclic set of symbols or images from which meaning is to be derived. This is particularly true of the images characterizing the twelve signs of the zodiacwhich have little apparent resemblance to the group of stars they were supposed to repre sent when constellations and signs coincided, presumably to ward the close of the Greek period around B. In the same way, if we consider the ten original Rorschach cards used in clinical psychology, it seems most evident that the cards constitute a definite sequence beginning with simple shapes and ending with a complex picture in which several colors add to the meaning.

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  • An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases by Dane Rudhyar.
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  • The appearance of color in one of these cards at a characteristic stage of the sequence should be significant to anyone who thinks at all holistically and in terms of structured process. Yet I am told that the people to whom this test has been given, including Carl Jung, have not been aware of the significance of there being ten cards in a clearlyeven if perhaps unconsciouslystructured series. Thus, I feel con strained to repeat that no experience can be understood in its total meaning unless it is related to the whole process in which it occurs, at the very place and the very moment that conditions and reveals its function.

    No isolated occurrence has any basic meaning of itself. It only acquires meaning as it is related to the larger whole or process of which it is a part. The relating may be entirely unconscious, yet it is the foundation of the meaning.

    An Astrological Mandala: In Search of Self

    Moreover, it is not the function which should be considered positive or negative; no action of itself is positive or negative, good or evil. The function of the acids and enzymes of the digestive tract breaking down food into chemicals is as positive as that of brain cells transforming sense input into a beautiful painting or an inspiring concept. No doubt one can define in principle at an abstract or archetypal level the basic positive and negative meanings of a symbol or of an interpersonal confrontation.

    But the very suggestion of a negatively polarized archetype introduces into the situation a negative undertone of meaning which can easily influence an oversusceptible person.

    Astrological Mandala by Dane Rudhyar

    No symbol should be considered inherently negative. Even if the image or scene presented seems full of negative implica tions, these should be considered as a form of teaching and thus perhaps as the via negativa which leads man to spiritual heights by forcing him to experience a violent revulsion from the depths of human misery and even degradation. Nothing in as trology indicates "This is so as a fact" or "This will occur. There are easier as well as much harder ways, considering what man is today and how he has been conditioned by Western society and a materialized Christianity; but the "culture-of-makmg-things- too-easy" as Keyserling wrote leads men to a loss of inner vitality, character and mental acuity.

    Then in order to remove some of the negativity from the picture, he interprets it as follows: This is a symbol of the irresistible power of completion inherent in the very make-up of man's world whenever a sequence of events once is set in motion, as is evident continually on the objective side of things. Implicit in the reverse symbolism is the concept of control, or the assurance that it is not necessary to continue any given action to the point of self-cancellation. The ultimate obligation of the individual is to himself and not to the narrow and momentary direction of circum stances.

    When positive, the degree is a special genius for a creative reorganization of all experiences, and when negative, an insensitive recklessness. I cannot help feeling that this interpretation is not based strictly on an analysis of the elements in the picture, but centers on the emotional implications of the word "wrecked. There is practically no way an automobile can be wrecked by a train except when the road on which the automobile is driven crosses a railroad track. We must therefore consider three factors involved in the image: the automobile, the train and the crossing of their paths.

    An automobile is a private means of transportation; a train a public one. Obviously therefore the symbol relates in a cer tain waya tragic or destructive waythe private or individual and the public or collective spheres in a technologically devel oped society. These two spheres or realms of activity usually exist more or less parallel with each other; a person may give his allegiance to, or at least prefer to operate in, one or the other realm.

    We are dealing with a process, and "Phase One" starts the very moment the process begins. They work at cross-purposes. When this happens, the symbol tells us that there is a potential of destruction involved for the person who does not stop to consider the possible results of his "rugged mdividualism.

    Then the automobile may be wrecked. This does not necessarily imply that the driver is killedhe could jump out at the last momentyet his consciousness, i. As I see it, this is what the symbolic image presents; it presents it not as a fact, but as a "message," a teaching or warning. If a person has one of his planets on that fifth degree of Cancer he is warned that if he insists on allowing the function or psychological drive represented by that planet to operate carelessly or recklessly in a strictly individualistic manner at times when his own and society's purposes cross, then he will presumably experience a crucial defeat, and this function or drive is likely to be invalidated, perhaps beyond repair.

    There is nothing inherently negative or frightening about this symbol in itself; it is simply a warning. I do not see why it should mean an "irresistible power of completion inherent in the very make-up of man's world," etcetera. It simply tells us that if at a certain time the ways of the individual and those of society are at cross-purposes, it is to be expected that society will winor, colloquially speaking, "crime does not pay.

    If the reader refers to the seventh scene of the ritual drama of the year cf. The symbol for this Cancer i is said to refer to a phase of activity implying "A radical change in the allegiance exteriorized in a symbolical act: a point of no return. If we consider care fully the sequence of the first five degree symbols of the sign Cancer, we can see the possibilities which the "radical change of allegiance" opens up in terms of action. The entire sequence has to be considered and understood; and much more still should be considered, for the whole seventh scene refers to "Decision.

    We are dealing here with a signifi cant process of gradual and purposeful transformation. The symbols enable us to get a new perspective on the interrelated phases of this vast process of existence, the keynote of which is indeed transformation. After becoming acquainted with each of the symbols we can return to the study of their interrelationship and to the two basic ways they can be used. This is the first of the phases of a universal and multi level cyclic process which aims at the actualization of a par ticular set of potentialities. To be individually conscious means to emerge out of the sea of generic and collective consciousnesswhich to the emerged mind appears to be unconsciousness.

    Such an emergence is the primary event. It is the result of some basic action: a leaving behind, an emerging from a womb or matrix, here symbolized by the sea. Such an action is not to be considered a powerful, positive statement of individual being. In the beginning is the Act; but it is often an imperceptible, insecure act. The small tender germ out of the seed does not loudly proclaim its existence.

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    It has to pierce through the crust of the soil still covered with the re mains of the past. It is all potentiality and a minimum of actual presence. In the symbol, therefore, the emergent entity is a Woman; symbolically speaking, a form of existence still close to the un conscious depths of generic biological nature, filled with the desire to be rather than self-assertion. The woman is seen em braced by a seal because the seal is a mammal which once had experienced a biological, evolutionary but relatively uncon scious emergence, yet which retraced its steps and "returned to the womb" of the sea.

    The seal, therefore, represents a regres sive step. It embraces the Woman who has emerged, because every emergent process at first is susceptible to failure. This process is indeed surrounded by the memory, the ghosts of past failures during previous cycles.

    The impulse upward is held back by regressive fear or insecurity; the issue of the conflict depends on the relative strength of the future-ward and the past-ward forces.