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I would not suggest using common Twin Flame signs and symptoms as a checklist to see how high you score as a couple, because you can have those signs as well if you are not in a Twin Flame relationship. I had a boyfriend once when I was 28 and we had telepathy on steroids. I could even feel when he felt attracted to someone else. It was eerie, but he was not my twin. My soulmate ex-husband would totally come out as my twin according to most signs and he did an awesome impression of Twin Flame running in our marriage but I never once thought he was my twin.

I was brought up in a spiritual community run by a Twin Flame couple, well Mark had passed on by the time I arrived but his wife and Twin Flame Elisabeth Clare Prophet ran the show back then and she was one of the first Twin Flame teacher of our time. I swear I had never till that day spoken to anyone who told me they had met their twin and remember I knew about Twin Flames almost all my life. If you met who you believe to be your Twin Flame and suddenly the Universe starts throwing Twin Flame info in your reality or you start meeting all these other people who have met there Twin Flame, then you have entered the twin vortex and you can trust that the Universe is confirming your inner knowing.

A client of mine told one of my good friends about this man she felt this incredible connection with and my friend totally recognized my story in hers, so she told her to check out my website. First comes the realization that this connection is beyond anything you have ever experienced and then you will get the confirmation and the information you need to proceed on your journey.

I am strongly against seeking outer confirmation of your Twin Flame connection, simply because one person will tell you this is your twin and the next will tell you he or she is not. The truth is only you, your twin and the Divine are really in the loop about the truth of your connection. So let me walk you through all the ways NOT to try to get confirmation of your Twin Flame connection.

I already wrote some things about this above and I think these signs and symptoms are the 1 reason people run into near twin and fake twin experiences. As far as I am concerned there is no such thing as a near or a fake twin. But using these outer appearance markings as your measurement of the authenticity of your Twin Flame connection can get you into big trouble as you can see from my own examples the telepathy I had going on with my hot Czech lover was intense and much more than I ever experienced with my actual Twin Flame.

Because as soon as you hit that first orgasm, your oxytocin levels will easily help you make Mr.

Wrong into a perfect Mr. But all the feel good chemicals released in your blood and brain will make you see him that way. You will just drive yourself crazy, trying to get the answers you seek. Using tarot to confirm your Twin Flame connection is like Russian roulette, a one in x chances that your answer is going to be right. A psychic read is really only valuable if it can show you your own blocks to Twin Flame union, because if you are using it to look into the future of your connection that is actually a form of trying to control the process — which will always get you stuck on this journey.

As man opens his mind to subjectivity, he becomes a target for destructive forces. A psychic is as good as the clarity of his or her channeling and it really depends on how far spiritually developed that person is themselves and capable of accessing the higher realms of truth. Not intentionally of course, this person sees what is shown to them but do you really want to bet all your money on what someone else sees about the authenticity of your Twin Flame connection?

I would rethink that strategy, because now you have reduced your odds to a coin flip but there are still two options — heads or tails. I hired her a third time to do our couples chart and I received a 17 page report which also looked into our connection:.

Twin Flames Stages: Telepathy and Using the Psychic World to Connect With Your Twin

Both of these planets exhibit extreme versions of their already intense energy. The Vertex person will go through some sort of life changing experience brought on by the one whose planets come along and activate this sensitive spot in our stars. Basically, what this shows is that your two souls are perhaps trying to figure out what it is that must be done in this lifetime in order to be able to move forward. To add even more fuel to to the fire that keeps your twin flames burning, your North Node in Aquarius, another karmic point in your natal chart, makes a beautiful trine with his Ascendant.

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This only further emphasizes the connection you share and your bond that is unbreakable. But it took three times to get this in the reading, there was no word of Twin Flame or Soul mate in the first two charts, which could have been due to the rules of the company she was working for at that time. I know some psychic lines also prohibit the use of the term Twin Flame in the phone consults. I much more recommend you get a 5D confirmation of your Twin Flame connection, because honestly baby you are going to need to learn to trust these 5D signs anyhow, they are all you are going to get for the majority of this journey.

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It will not only be in regards to your Twin Flame, but this will be your new way of life as you shift out of the 3D density and start living in the magical and miracle filled reality of 5D. So let this be your starting point of entering a world that does not work on seeing is believing which was our reality in 3D, but instead it works on believing is seeing. Three is a very common sequence in the Twin Flame realm. Often random twin signs, when the Universe wants your attention will come in three.

Three also symbolizes the twin connection, the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine and the joint higher self. You need to trust that if this person is really your Twin Flame the Universe will knock itself out to give you confirmation.

A question many twins have on repeat

We twins play an important role in lifting the planetary vibrations, so the Universe wants us together with our twin. Download the Inner Union Soul Alchemy manuscript to find out how Twin Flames have chosen to incarnate and reunite in this lifetime to assist in the ascension of planet earth. To show you how powerful this method is let me show you the answer to a sign I asked on my birthday earlier this year. The very next day, the 10th I got my signs. I had asked two white swans as a sign that my twin and I were still working towards Twin Flame union.

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I had to speak at an event that day and just before I got in the car I see a picture of two white swans on the timeline of a friend who just moved to Belgrade, Serbia and the picture was in a Facebook photo album called Belgrade. You split as one half, and your twin flame split as the other. One is a male energy, the other is female. And when you do, you will find this to be the rarest and most unconditional love of all.

And it is also a very romantic plane, so although you may have unconditional love with others that do not have a romantic component, there is only one twin flame.

Have you met your twin flame yet? One of the unique components of this romantic relationship is the component of telepathy.

The Difference between Soul mates, Karmic and Twin flame Connections - Answers with Twin Flames

You can have telepathy with people without them being your twin flame. It is a very unique component of this relationship that, while not exclusive to twin flames, is an integral part of your relationship. Today we are looking at the twin flame union and this very special gift that twin flames share. That is, the gift of telepathy. And we all know what telepathy is. All psychic tools are.

And telepathy with your twin flame is a very important psychic tool to use to keep this very special relationship going in the right direction, and advancing through the twin flame stages successfully. When you do, it propels you both on your path of spiritual enlightenment, and of course, closer to each other, to the ultimate harmonizing and reunion stages.

In fact, as good as this union is…and it is so very good, it also brings with it that intensity of pain. We discussed this when discussing the running stage or the runner dynamic of the twin flame union. You will not spend your whole life with your twin flame. In fact, the sad thing is, some never spend any of their lives.

They spend their lives in conflict with their twin flames, apart, or never meeting them at all. As awesome as this relationship is, it is also sometimes the worst. Because the heartbreak is more than you feel you can bear.

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And they hear you. What they do with that information is entirely up to their human free will. But, know this…they will always hear you.

Twin Flame Signs: 11 Ways to Know You’ve Met Your Match

So of course your next question is, well, how can I get started on this right away! We talk quite a bit about the opportunities that Universe gives to us through events and astrology transits that help us to enhance our psychic development, and to also gift us with some moments of love astrology that are pure magic. This first few months in have an abundance of them. Mercury retrograde in January helped us get closer to our twin flames in the waves of nostalgia and offered many chances to telepathically connect with our twin flames.

Venus and Jupiter are waving their magic all month long in February to help us make these telepathic connections. We also have Neptune and Pisces making an entrance this month that will help you take a psychic plane ride if you wish. Next month this energy continues and we are also going to be hit with an eclipse season next month. Eclipses can bring life changing events for many, and they open this psychic portal a bit more.