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Occulto tesoro astrologico estratto dalla Galleria del Duca di Baviere da un manoscritto illus. Albubatris astrologi diligentissimi, Liber genethliacus, sive, De Natiuitatibus Johann Petreius, [astrology - Arab]. Concordantia astronomiae cum theologia Johann Engel, [astronomy, astrology]. Le risposte della signora Leonora Bianca: dove ingeniosissimamente et con mirabil arte, si pronostica illus.

Tractatus astrologicus. Lucae Gaurici Geophonensis episcopi Ciuitatensis tractatus astrologicus. Clarissimi Hyginij astronomi De mundi et sphere ac utriusque partium declaratione cu[m] planetis et varijus signis historiatis illus.

Dodechedron de fortune. American History is organized by historical periods and divided into color-coded rows of People, Major Events, Arts and Literature, and corresponding World Events. World History is organized geographically, with listings placed under color-coded historical periods.

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Signs of the Times: Astrological Eras and Phases. Each age contains twelve eras. This allows for the growth and evolution of humanity through an age without that energy becoming stagnant.

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These eras progress forward through the zodiac. Eras: 12 eras for each age, each years long. Forward progression through the zodiac. | Zodiac | Astrology

We will focus on the high point of these ages, from Scorpio to Pisces showing the power of the recurring renaissance that comes at these times. Great ages and cycles.

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  7. The Great Ages in astrology are an Earth phenomenon based on the Earth's precessional wobble -which is in turn a Solar or Sun-directed event. Information is downloaded from our main Sun to our planet's inner sun and effected through the vast fields surrounding our planet.

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    These fields in turn, affect the fields of all life forms on the planet. Everything is fields affecting fields, and the stars, planets, and life forms serve as the anchor points. Astrology is the key to understanding the Great Ages and other vast time cycles affecting our Earth and cosmos.

    It is an intelligently designed empirical system of division and correlation based on the number 12 -which is the universal number. Here on Earth, the hour 23hrs56min to be precise day is our basic time cycle based on the Earth's rotation around its central inner sun axis. Signs of the Times: Astrological Ages. World history time line - The human civilization along the zodiacal ages.

    Hello Thank you for your message. First of all it is important to say that these ages world history time line I am describing are not linked in any way to the Pisces age we aould live in or the Aquarian age we are about to pass to. The Stone Age. The Stone Age is a broad prehistoric time period during which humans widely used stone for toolmaking. Stone tools were made from a variety of different sorts of stone. For example, flint and chert were shaped for use as cutting tools and weapons, while basalt and sandstone were used for ground stone tools, such as quern-stones.


    Wood, bone, shell, deer antler and other materials were widely used, as well. Back to part 4 Throughout the ages, astrologers have sought a reliable method of evaluating planetary strengths by assigning numerical scores based upon certain dignifying or debilitating factors. The 11th century Arabic astrologer, Al-Biruni, mentions that this was common practice amongst the Babylonians and Persians, who compared the totals of each planet in order to discover which was most eminent in the chart. This was then known as the Almuten from the Arabic: al-mateen, meaning 'the firm one' or 'strong in power' , or Lord of the Geniture or Nativity , and given particular consideration for its powerful influence in defining the temperament and observable traits of the native.

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    Modern simplification of natal technique, which defines the 'Ruler of the Chart' purely by the planet that rules the sign on the ascendant, will obviously fail to draw the correct focus if dignifying and debilitating factors are not accounted for. Use of the Table. Planetary Motion.