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Art by ellehell. A post shared by Horoscope. On July 13, , the same date as today July 13, Manhattan had it's first big blackout. Now 42 years later to the DAY, another strikes.


We have Mercury retrograde now. Back then Uranus sudden events, rules electricity was in hard 90 degree angle to Mercury communication, transportation. Or maybe some wishes you set in motion with the Capricorn solar eclipse on January 5? Maybe…maybe not.

Education In Vedic Astrology (Lack of Education vs. Higher Education)

But this Tuesday, July 16, you could hit a few of those milestones under the high beams of the Capricorn full moon, which is a galvanizing lunar eclipse! You may be surprised to discover how much traction those goals have gained since NYE. Since eclipses can reveal hidden opportunities, look around! Plans can accelerate quickly under this rocket-powered lunar lift, so keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road! Since this is a partial lunar eclipse, there won't be much of a shadow that's visible, but the metaphoric shadow WILL be there.

This eclipse arrives at a close proximity to mysterious Pluto. Whatever's been buried in the chamber of secrets could come bubbling to the surface over the coming days. Maybe there's a reason they call July's lunation the Full Thunder Moon! While these eruptions can be unsettling, they can also clear away blockages to abundance, freedom and the next phase of our collective evolution. Skip navigation! Whether you want to see your birth chart, learn about which traits are associated with each sign, finally figure out what an aspect is, or just read your horoscope, these sites will help you out.

The Hoodwitch. Along with horoscopes, check out explainers on retrogrades, lunar phases, and more. View this post on Instagram. This beautifully-designed site shows you your horoscope and birth chart, but also explains complicated astrological concepts in easy-to-understand language. Thought you had just one horoscope?

Think again! Cafe Astrology.

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Astrology Zone. Founded by famous astrology Susan Miller , Astrology Zone has been up and running for 22 years. Its encyclopedia-like articles are a good resource if you already know what a rising sign is and you're looking to learn more. Astro Style.

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Run by the Astro Twins — Ophira and Tali Edut — Astro Style features daily horoscopes, compatibility guides, and numerous explainers, all in pretty pastel colours. Online Classes allow you to engage with your tutors and classmates in a real-time, virtual classroom.

Enrolment is limited in these sessions, making it possible to interact, to ask questions, to make short presentations, and to support one another.

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You are truly involved in an active learning environment… from the comfort of your own home. Read more about Online Classes. Through Distance Learning, you have the freedom to enjoy a flexible study schedule, no matter where you live. Corresponding with your tutor by email, you progress at your own pace. For each exercise you submit, your tutor sends you individual feedback which helps identify your strengths and offers you guidance for continued growth. Read more about Distance Learning via Email. Summer School offers the chance to study a rich and wide curriculum and is open to everyone — whether you are newly curious about astrology, or if you have been a long-time student with the Faculty or any other school of astrology.

Read more about Summer School. Why study astrology with the Faculty?

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  4. Introductory Videos. Studying with the Faculty has given me a thorough grounding in astrology, using an approach which makes space for both technical accuracy and intuition. The inspiring tutors and extensive course material made the Faculty an obvious choice. Lisa Stockley Diploma Holder. I started off taking classes simultaneously at three different astrology schools in London, which were all special in their own way.

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    In the end, it was the very in-depth and methodical teaching style of the Faculty and its many incredibly knowledgeable, passionate and kind teachers that made me want to study for a Diploma here. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at this school!