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The woman who was in that catalogue more than any other woman that I remember growing up was Frederique.

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She was a famous super model back then. Little did I know, this woman was quite the entrepreneur as well. Back then, models were starting to become more household names.

They were more than just a face and a body, they were individuals that had personalities and you knew where they were from and maybe they had some side businesses. Now, 30 years later probably here I am interviewing the one and only Frederique.

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Also, since she began her journey as a model, how she parleyed that into entrepreneurship and what kind of business she likes to go in to. Also how did modeling create a platform for her to be able to be a business woman. Frederique is from Holland and she really believes growing up in that country gave her this down to earthiness that she was able to use as an asset, as a model and then later as an entrepreneur.

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We're also doing a TV program, about home transformation through flowers. We will be doing subscriptions, but you can also just order a one-off bouquet, or even just a single stem. We want to try and change people to become biophiliacs. I want to make it more approachable, there are different price brackets so you don't always have to spend a fortune to send a bouquet.

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We do a box where you can send a single rose with a message like, "come to dinner with me" or we have a rose box for 7 roses. Soon we'll have astrology-based bouquets. HB: What's something you hope people gain from this service, aside from a beautiful home accent? It's been proven it changes your mood, makes you happier. HB: What's your favorite flower? FVDW: I actually can't tell you one, it changes all the time.

I was just working with hydrangeas, they were lavender and blue—so amazing. Love lilacs, peonies, roses, hyacinthias. Also, Eucalyptus silver dollar flowers are so good to have in your home as they're really good at combating smells.

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HB: How would you describe your personal style? Like my flowers, I don't like it when style becomes too complicated, it needs to be real and not too predictable. HB: What's something in your closet that you would never throw away? I think my daughter will be able to fit in them soon. Luckily I never threw them away, I'm actually not very good at throwing things away. HB: How old is your daughter?

Is she a model-in-the-making? FVDW: She's 14 going to be 15; yeah she's quite beautiful. She's a darker-haired version of me. She likes fashion—we actually recently did a show together, and I was nervous as hell and she was fine, and just walked out there. HB: Would you support her decision to be a model?

She's also into acting, so that could be something.

I actually told her that she should start a fashion blog—she loves clothes and has a great eye. HB: What do you feel about the term supermodel, do you think it's used too loosely? In the '90s you knew who the top girls were and there were only a select few, and that was it. Thank god it has changed a bit, there's a lot more girls getting that title, and different kinds of girls. It's fantastic to see those with careers that are lasting a really long time.

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HB: What's your beauty regimen? Do you have any secrets you swear by? FVDW: First of all, I was always taught to clean my face at night and to make sure to moisturize and drink a lot of water.