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See the asset on Adobe Stock. Add to lightbox Login or Register! Author: desertsands Vector reference: Category: Science Release: Signed model release held by Fotolia Keywords: ["alchemy","astrological","astrology","background","calendar","chiromancy","circle","collection","constellation","esoteric","flat","form","gemini","horoscope","illustration","isolated","line","linear","mercury","mystic","occult","palmistry","psychic","round","sign","spirituality","star","symbol","vector","witchcraft","year","zodiac","zodiacal"].

See all keywords. Same Series See vectors from the same series. Hand drawn zodiac constellations symbol and sign Gemini, Mercury illustration picture planet and symbol written name.

Usable for mystic occult palmistry and witchcraft alchemy. Vector desertsands Fotolia. Hand drawn zodiac constellations symbol and sign Virgo, Mercury illustration picture planet and symbol written name. Hand drawn zodiac constellations symbol and sign Pisces, Neptune illustration picture planet and symbol written name.

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Same model See 1, other creative contents with the same model. Old grunge black texture. Dark weathered overlay pattern sample on transparent background.

Taurus: April 20 – May 20

Screen background. Texture grunge chaotic random pattern on transparent background. Monochrome abstract dusty worn scuffed background. Spotted noisy backdrop.

ASTROGRAPH - Gemini in Astrology

Fortune teller hand with Palmistry diagram hand drawn design. Vintage illustration for tattoo template.

Palm reading magic spirituality zodiac constellations on sacred symbols background. Chiromancy hand, ancient palm reading drawing and spiritual symbols. Divination and prediction, palmistry map on open hand with signs of the planets. Magic witchcraft writing background.

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Zodiac Signs and Their Dates

Food Flavours for every taste. The Greeks borrowed the zodiacal system from the Babylonians for astronomical and astrological reasons. It must be noted though that the animals in the Zodiac are Greek in origin and it was said that these animals were honored by Zeus himself. The Greek Zodiac signs are composed of part animals and part humans. On the other hand, the Chinese Zodiac signs are represented by twelve animals. Presently, both Zodiacs are used with the Greek Zodiac representing certain days of the year whereas the Chinese Zodiac representing a year on a year cycle.