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One wants children, the other does not. One wants to live in the city, and the other wants to live in the country. The suburbs will not do. One wants to go to film school, and the other wants to start a business. One is very religious, and the other is absolutely not religious. If they do find themselves having to share something, like a child or a mortgage, the fighting gets worse. One wants the kid to go to a special school or to be homeschooled, with no compromise.

One wants to take the house off the grid, while the other wants to turn it into a working ceramics studio that needs lots of electricity. Scorpio Moon wants their lover to be a part of them and to be a part of their lover. Aquarius Moon wants to be a part of the whole world. If monogamy suits them, then they must at least have other close relationships. Scorpio Moon wants the love relationship to be the be-all and end-all If they can't get what they want from each other, both Moons are likely to find fulfillment somewhere else. Scorpio Moon is not likely to leave the marriage.

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It will find other things to throw itself into, like raising children, or starting a business, or spending a lot of time with friends in need, or volunteering for those less fortunate. Aquarius Moon, on the other hand, is more likely to look for gratification outside of the marriage with someone completely unlike the marriage partner.

It may not be sexual at all, but it will still hurt Scorpio Moon. What do you get when you take the most sexual moon and pair it with the least sexual moon?

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You get a bad joke about everyone's marriage. But you also get a glimpse into what happens when Scorpio Moon and Aquarius Moon get together at night.

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Scorpio Moon is the most sexual of the moon signs. The melding of two into one, the seduction, the domination, and the surrender are all the things Scorpio Moon lives for. It's desires are boundless, and in the realm of monogamy and one-on-one, Scorpio Moon reigns supreme. Now, Aquarius Moon is just the opposite. It's the least sexual of the signs. It likes sex because sex is taboo, and it can be social with other people.

It likes to both push and break boundaries. Orgies, kinky sex, weird sex, clubs, and other things that make your mother blush are the things Aquarius Moon likes. However, it doesn't like all the mushy stuff that Scorpio Moon likes. It doesn't want to reinforce the love bond physically through sex; it just wants to have sex. Now, at first, this is one hell of an interesting relationship.

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Scorpio Moon is game for all of Aquarius Moon's kinks. An argument between an Aquarius Moon and Cancer Moon is a stalemate. Aquarius Moon sees Cancer Moon as illogical, irrational, and out of control, like a bratty child. Cancer Moon sees Aquarius Moon as an unfeeling robot whom has no understanding of human emotions.

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In the end, they just don't speak the same language. So what happens when you put one hot lover together with one hot freak? Cancer Moon wants to make love. Aquarius Moon wants to fuck. Cancer Moon likes sex to reinforce the bond. Aquarius Moon likes sex for the novelty of it. Aquarius Moon wants to try new things. Sex doesn't require a big emotional investment for them.

On the other hand, sex is an expression of the big emotional investment Cancer Moon makes. Cancer Moon wants foreplay, sweet whispers, soft music, and cuddling. Aquarius Moon wants to do whatever they didn't do last time. Nothing is taboo to them. While Cancer Moon may give in to try to please Aquarius Moon, it really needs to have the affection and reassurance that sexual intimacy can bring. And Aquarius Moon just doesn't need that.

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Sex is friendly. Aquarius Moon doesn't even have to be in love or even know someone well in order to have sex with them.

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It's not that important. They can conceivably have sex with multiple partners. Cancer Moon mates for life, but Aquarius Moon is down with an orgy. Who ever would like to learn something about Sagittarius. I would like to recommend You tube video. Jewish perspective of Sagittarius sign. I believe it is one most accurate video of Sag.

I hope you will like it. Best regards!!! Hitomi I am a Taurus woman and my bf is Sag. He is not boring. I like to stay with him. We are keep learning each other. This what i see now in my relationship i love his confidence, he always show me what the world is I can tell I really have happiness when I stay with him life is up and down , sometime we are fight with each other but it look like I teach him how to be clam and relax with me because sometime he really look like a kid that need mother to take care of him , tell him to be a good child but not to control him however his age is up than me but it is not mean he is not grow up.

I used to caught him cheat on me onece time , that time he fight with me but when I act like I really love him for real but he is the only one that really make that mistake so he said sorry to me and try to find way for make me happy.

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But it is not yet the end , I know personality of sag man , he will not with only one girl in the same time but it is not only about general personality at all because it is what I see in my bf sag when I am in relationship with him This point I can say if a man really love his woman the real he will be keep that woman. So what I gonna do with him now is keep balance, act like what I do really everything for him for no matter what, love him , care him , try to be good to him and be natural by no strain to myself and let him know it.

I know sometime I really difficult to patient with him because he still flirt with other girls , especially he always travel to do his far from me. I really little sad about it. However I still believe on this love relationship so I can keep entertained him. I can say " I can prepare for break up " it sound sad. But I think if we not say about zodiac signs we can tell man love a woman for no matter what he will try to find way for live with her and live happy together. For me I love man that can make me happy and find everything new in my life and not always boring.

Guadalupe Nice Sneakytwixzy I am a 20 year old young sag lady and I have been on and off with a 20 year old Scorpio. We both are still so very young and we are very stubborn so as you can see we are very difficult to whom is right all the time. Our sex life is probably the most connectional and magical sex I could ever have. We both are so drawn with our sex life because we mix very well ell in that part. The only probably we really have is we both are still very immature. He is very unmotivated and I tend to push him and it sometimes goes very well and helps him successes and sometimes he rips my head off.

I have seen and heard sag and scorpios don't end together but I think we are soulmates we have helped each other grow so far but we are so young still.