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Libra tends to be an indecisive sign , explained Astrology Weekly, so expect to spend a lot of time letting your Balance-born cat in and out. Giving it plenty of exercise will also help prevent your cat from being a classic "Lazy Libra. The same secretive, private nature that makes Scorpio people so intriguing is true of their feline counterparts , explained Astrology Weekly. The Scorpion cat will hide its toys in odd places and scurry under warm blankets on even hot days.

They're also territorial, so other pets may learn to steer clear of a Scorpio's favorite nap zone. But behind that aloof exterior is a deep need for love and closeness , said CatTime. Give your cat regular snuggle time every day, and it will reward you with undying Scorpio loyalty. In both human and feline form, Sags are free spirits. They're not content to be cooped up indoors, so if you have a Sagittarius cat, be prepared to give it plenty of outdoor time , said PerroPet. If you don't want your cat roaming, building a cat run in the backyard will let it enjoy nature safely.

CatTime added that, like Virgos, the Archer cat likes to sit and stare into space planning for the next eight lives, maybe? Sagittarius kitties will do well in homes that aren't too spotless; PerroPet added that these fur babies have a tendency to knock things over and spill their water dish.

The rock-solid earth sign Capricorn is known for practicality, ambition, and determination , according to iZodiacSigns.

With that in mind, be aware that your Cap cat will stalk the spider on the floor for hours or attack its catnip mouse until it's nothing but little cotton shreds, said CatTime. Astrology Weekly added that Capricorn cats will often surprise their humans by their out-of-the-ordinary habits. Your cat may want to drink out of the faucet instead of its bowl, or refuse to climb to the top of the expensive cat tree you assumed it would love. Just stay chill about its quirks, and your Capricat will be a sweet companion. They're the ones who might just develop a taste for odd food or play fetch with a small toy or wad of paper.

Like Sagittarius, water-sign cats need freedom and space, and would prefer to have some outdoor time if possible. They also get bored easily , said Tarot. Aquarius cats are also extremely chatty; expect a lot of chirps, chatters, and meows at the front door when you come home!


The Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp

True to its Fish nature, the Pisces cat is one of the few who actually enjoys being around water , said Astrology Weekly. Your cat might follow you into the shower or bat at a trickle of water in the kitchen sink. Pisces kitties are entertainers who will bat and leap at bugs or laser pens, said PerroPet.

At the same time, the Fish cat is extremely sensitive and intuitive.


Aquarians born on January 23 are fascinating people. The January 23 birthday zodiac sign Aquarius are flexible in their thinking. Compatibility of Sun signs helps you learn how to approach the person standing in front of you, January 20 - February 18 September 23 - October January 23 Zodiac Sign A person born on the 23rd of January has a unique set of skills. The oldest NCT member is I share my birthday with like no one. I share birthdays with Kris Wu and Sunyoul and yeah. Noor Khan. Sorry, i was thinking about Shownu for a sec. Thanks for the correction! Hfvhv Hsgfg.

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