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And the solar eclipse of will be a significant one. In Astrology and ancient astronomy, there is a phenomena called the Metonic Cycle of eclipses. It is a 19 year cycle in which eclipses will repeat themselves and fall on or near the same degrees and or sign placement. What makes the Solar Eclipse of significant is that it is the 19 year metonic cycle that stimulates the Solar Eclipse of that preceded the September 11th terror attacks of the World Trade Center. Mars in astrology is a planet of attack, violence, war, and terror. Mars is considered a malefic planet. When mars makes contact to an eclipse point, it stimulates the energy of the eclipse and often coincides with crisis and conflict.

Mars transits to eclipse points will be the key timer of events, especially the eclipse of Before I delve into the prediction, I would like to mention something called the Nodes of the Moon. We have a south node and a north node, and the nodes are the two points at which the orbit of the Moon intersects the ecliptic. The north node is where the Moon moves into the northern ecliptic hemisphere, while the south node is where the Moon enters the southern ecliptic hemisphere.

Unlike the south node which often times the transformation is held back and has some resistance and unwillingness. A major similarity with the eclipse of and the eclipse of is that not only do these two eclipses fall in the exact same degree and sign, they also are both conjunct the north node of Moon, making it easier for events to transpire suddenly and with lots of energy.

Depending on your timezone it will fall on June 21st in the early hours of the morning, the same date as the Solar Eclipse of This eclipse falls in the water sign of Cancer. Cancer is a cardinal sign which means it is highly energetic, and Cancer is concerned with the home, family, domestics, the homeland and even security. We saw this theme take precedent in , and it will also be of focus again. Since the U. The rising sign, also known as the ascendent is the place of major focal energy manifestation.

It is where the Sun and all the planets and stars rise. In Washington DC, the rising sign will be Taurus which rules over money and finances, the stock market, etc.

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This will have an effect all over the country, even though the ascendant may vary based on timezone. Washington DC will be of greater influence since it is the central location of the United States Government. So I will be basing my prediction on that. The United States will take on yet another financial crisis in the coming months after the eclipse. This is emphasized by the fact that this eclipse is falling on the United States natal Venus. Venus is the planet of relationships and money, and rules over the sign of Taurus.

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Transiting Venus, which is the placement of Venus during the upcoming eclipse, will be retrograde, further emphasizing some sort of financial fallback, loss, and stress. I believe a crisis of some kind will trigger the financial hit of the United States sometime down the road following this eclipse. When an eclipse falls on the United States venus, financial issues come into play as a result of the crisis events of the eclipse. Back in , it was Mars that triggered the attacks on the World Trade Center, which led to war with the Middle East, which was followed by the financial crisis and Housing Market crash.

Again, Cancer eclipses affect homes and families, so a house market crash fits the bill of these series of eclipses. One thing to note in particular is that Mars is challenging the Eclipse of In Astrology we call this aspect a square, which is a 90 degree angle between the Eclipse and the planet Mars. So when Mars comes to stimulate this Eclipse on April 23rd , is when I think some sort of violent event will take place that can possibly send us into a costly war. The possibility of terror attacks on the homeland again is real, as well as the possibility of domestic terror.

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