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Your moon sign and your Sun sign combined make up a more in-depth portrait of your personality. Much like the moon waxes and wanes, reveals and hides itself, the lunar cycles can also affect how much we share or show. Your moon sign can reveal how and who you love, or what you need to feel emotionally secure. It also plays a major role in romantic compatibility , revealing how harmonious your dynamic will be. Here comes the intensity!

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  8. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the Scorpio moon sign have a deep desire for transformation. Much like the Scorpio Sun sign , a Scorpio moon sign individual burns with passion and desire. Strong sexual chemistry is important to feeling loved for a Scorpio moon sign. Being ruled by Venus, gives a pleasurable tone to this Moon placement with both planets being feminine, this compliments one another.

    The Moon is comfortable, and inner peace is easily achievable. Scorpio Moon is volatile and full of intense watery depths.

    Scorpio Moon Compatibility

    Emotional trauma developed from childhood is indicated, and moving on may prove to be difficult. There is no sense of initial contentment such as with Taurus, but a tendency to fight with the inner self. The Moon is uncomfortable being unable to feel freely without fighting for inner peace. Leo Moons have a grandiose emotional nature.

    Love Compatibility in the Astrological Chart: The Moon

    There is an inner glow to Leo Moons, as they have big hearts shining from their souls. The Moon here is loud, and emotions demand to be felt. Emotions can be slightly impulsive due to the fire placement, as well as expulsion of those emotions. The sun ruling Leo means there is an inner fire needing love in order to be emotionally satisfied. Love is not limited to romance, but includes platonic love. This love is the reason their inner sunshine exists. Aquarius is selective on who they let in, being relatively privately, caused by being co ruled by Saturn, a planet who is restrictive.

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    8. Aquarius, being one of the last signs juxtaposition Pisces, feels things on one of the most intense scales. However, uncomfortable with displaying raw emotion, Aquarius often detaches themselves and uses logic to create distance between themselves and their emotions. This can either manifest as a disconnect from themselves and the human nature as a whole, or offer to being a catalyst in which to view and understand human nature as a whole. Aquarius is prone to mood swings being ruled by Uranus and of course being air, but rather then display them, they can create farther distence and try to manage them independently.

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      Scorpio Moon Sign Compatibility with Aries Moon Sign

      Sure, they're sexy, but is there more to them than looks? If you want to know if you can handle Leo Moon's light heart, you must know if your Moon sign is compatible with this Moon sign. To determine if your Moon is in Leo or Scorpio, put your birth date and birth time in our Natal Chart Calculator and do the same for your partner. Zodiac Compatibility Horoscopes according to individual traits of each Zodiac Sign.

      Moon in Scorpio // Emotional Scorpio

      It will not happen. Leo Scorpio Moon signs Compatibility Horoscope. Horoscope Comments: Scorpio Leo Compatibility Horoscope. IlovemyLeoMoonMan I agree with you. He accepts me for being the shy reserved secretive Scorpio Moon person that I am. This sounds very much like Leo sun and Scorpio sun.

      Moon in Scorpio

      TheMysticSea No,this doesn't sound "very much like Leo suns". Leos are painted in a very bad light by many astrologers. It is the only sign that all negative traits are attributed to. I notice that earth signs, especially Virgos and Capricorns, tend to be very bias against Leos. Leo's are far from shallow or attention seeking. We seek attention or recognition for things we are exceptionally well at and from family and people we know.

      Leo's wanting attention is an overstated generalization and is never put into context. Most Leos are or were once shy in their lives. Leo's are very generous, love to give compliments and not because we want compliments back, and Leo's are very passionate and love romance and to be in love. This description couldn't be further from the truth and was written by someone who obviously hates Leos. Leo is actually one of the few signs outside of Pisces and Cancer that a Scorpio sun or moon would ever be bothered with.

      Whoever wrote that a Scorpio moon would ever be bothered with a Gemini or Virgo or any earth sign I love you still Taurus is sadly mistaken. Virgos and Capricorns don't have any magnetism or passion to attract a Scorpio moon, and Geminis also lack passion and are too surface level. The person who writes these descriptions are a sign that Scorpio moons would never be interested in, yet they write these fantasies. Leo and Scorpio are a much sexier couple than Scorpio and Virgo or Scorpio and Capricorn or Gemini, and again, that is because Scorpios are intense with a natural magnetism and Leo's are passionate with a natural magnetism.

      Of course Fire and Water would be much sexier together.